Providing access to the original worldwide web.

The North American marketplace depends on rail service for the transportation of goods. Rail is an economical mode of transportation that adds capacity independent of long-haul trucking and reduces emissions by up to 25 percent. The North American rail system provides West Coast clients with access to East Coast ports which act as a thoroughfare to markets in Europe and beyond.

No matter how you look at it, rail is an essential mode of transportation. At Lulu Island Terminal, we have invested in creating substantial rail capacity to ensure our clients can easily access this safe, effective, and efficient mode of transportation.

At Lulu Terminal, we provide you with high speed and reliable access to North America’s original world wide web – the rail network.

Our paved 20-acre site features four loading docks and 13 truck ramps that make service by rail all the easier. With 2,000 feet of rail track and two spur lines with the capacity to sport 20 – 73’ centre beam railcars, we can handle all of your rail shopping needs.

We are serviced by CN Rail (siding D348, D349) six days per week with CP Rail and connections to U.S. rail lines such as UP and BNSF Rail. We have the capacity to load and unload 20 cars per day, six days per week. and can interswitch with all the major class one railways. Our well-developed railyard allows us to provide prompt and effective service to those who need to move their product quickly, safely and with care via rail.

To learn more about how our rail services can work for you contact us, your logistics experts.