Protecting your investment.

Everyone at Lulu Island Terminal takes the safety and security of your product very seriously. Our team fully and clearly understands the importance of keeping your goods safe and secure from damage through vandalism or theft. They are well-trained experts who respect and understand the complexities of the storage process for a variety of products. They are committed to ensuring the highest standards for every Lulu Terminal customer.

Our facility also has on-site security and an extensive system of cameras and other security measures to ensure your product is always protected. Access to the site is restricted to trusted employees and staff vetted through our rigorous hiring process. We take every precaution and step to ensure your goods leave our facility in the same condition (or perhaps even better) than when they arrived.

If you would like to know more about our safety and security measures, please contact us. A member of our logistics team will run through our process so you can feel confident in choosing Lulu Terminal for your product storage needs.